Apartment availability update 10/2021

The apartment availability update reviews the current situation of Kuopas’ available apartments. We also specify the application situation of studio apartments in different areas of the city. Other apartment types are listed with the current availability situations. Be sure to take a look at the few interesting options we chose from our available apartments listed below!

You can always see all our currently available apartments and also apartments which will be available in the next coming months from the Apartment search.:

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Situation of studio apartment applications:

When were the applications sent which receive an offer for a studio apartment today?
City centre: Applications sent during June 2021 received an offer during this week.
Niirala: Applications sent during December 2020 received an offer during this week.
Puijonlaakso: Applications sent during July 2021 received an offer during this week.
Särkiniemi: Applications sent during July 2021 received an offer during this week.
Neulamäki: Applications sent during August 2021 received an offer during this week.

Situation of other available apartments right now:

How many available apartments at the moment?
Rooms from a shared apartment: 40
Two room apartments: 8
Three room apartments: 2

Our top picks from available apartments:

Särkelä two room+kitchen, Särkiniementie 18

2012 renovated Särkelä is located near the city centre. The area has a grocery store, primary school, library, day-care center, gas station and a restaurant.

Rintaneula two room+kitchen+balcony, Neulamäentie 3

This comfortable residential area is located four kilometres from the city centre. The region offers fine areas for outdoor life around the Vuorilampi pond. All inhabitants share a gym.