Apartment availability update 10/2022

Welcome to read Kuopas’ apartment availability update for October 2022!

The apartment availability update reviews the current situation of Kuopas’ available apartments. We specify the applying situation of studio apartments, and the other apartment types are listed with the current availability situations. Take also a look at the few interesting options we chose from our available apartments below!

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Situation of studio apartments:

The waiting time for studio apartments varies depending on the urgency of your need for an apartment and the amount of your monthly steady income during your studies.

Situation of other available apartments:

Available rooms in a shared apartment: 5
Rooms available in 1st November or 1st December: 60

Available 2-room apartments: 0
Apartments available in 1st November or 1st December: 0

Available 3-room apartments: 2
Apartments available in 1st November or 1st December: 2

Our top picks from available apartments:

Torikatu, 1 room+kitchen, Torikatu 15-17

Culturally and historically valuable building, which has been completely renovated and is located right in the city centre. This apartment is also suitable for two people due to its size, as it has 46,5 m²! The apartments have tiled stoves from the beginning of the century as a decoration, and each apartment also has a washing machine. Torikuja (market alley) is located in the yard area. The terrace of the market alley’s cafe is located in the yard area. It is open in the summer. Due to the apartment’s location, services are very close.

Pikku-Hermanni, 3 room+kitchen+balcony, Haapaniementie 24

A comfortable residential area near the city centre at the shore of lake Kallavesi. The apartment windows offer a view over lake Kallavesi. All inhabitants share a club room, a sauna (once a week a free sauna turn) and a laundry room. The building Pikku-Hermanni has a gym that is also available for the tenants of Iso-Hermanni. The area offers a grocery store and specialty stores. Siikaranta experience center is located less than two kilometers away (gym, spa, children’s adventure center etc.). The distance to the Väinölänniemi sports field and a swimming beach is a less than a kilometre from the building. During winter, there are skiing tracks and skating routes on the lake ice.
The area has a primary school and a daycare centre. City centre is close to a kilometre from the building.

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