Apartment availability update 11/2023

Welcome to read Kuopas’ apartment availability update for November 2023!


The apartment availability update reviews the current situation of Kuopas’ available apartments. Take also a look at the few interesting options we chose from our available apartments below!

You can always see all our currently available apartments and also our soon to be available apartments from the Apartment search:

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Situation of studio apartments:

The waiting time for studio apartments varies depending on the urgency of your need for an apartment and the amount of your monthly steady income during your studies.

Situation of other available apartments:

Available shared rooms for boys: 1
Available shared rooms for girls: 4 (from which 1 is furnished)

Shared rooms (for girls) available in 1st December: 17 (from which 8 pcs are furnished)

Available or soon to be available 2-room apartments: 0

Available 3-room apartments: 1

Our top picks from available apartments:

Satama 2, 3h+k+s, 79,5 m2, 1015,57 €/kk, Satamakatu 24

A larger apartment with a sauna, suitable for a family, is now available right in the city center! A beautiful park area and the harbor are located right next to the property. You can walk to Kuopio town square in just ten minutes.