Apartment availability update 5/2023

Welcome to read Kuopas’ apartment availability update for May 2023!


The apartment availability update reviews the current situation of Kuopas’ available apartments. Take also a look at the few interesting options we chose from our available apartments below!

You can always see all our currently available apartments and also our soon to be available apartments from the Apartment search:

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Situation of studio apartments:

The waiting time for studio apartments varies depending on the urgency of your need for an apartment and the amount of your monthly steady income during your studies.

Situation of other available apartments:

Available rooms in a shared apartment: over 100 pcs

Available 2-room apartments: 20
Apartments available in 1st June or 1st July: 17

Available 3-room apartments: 4

Apartments available in 1st June or 1st July: 4

Our top picks from available apartments:

Mylly & Mylläri,5 x 2h+k, 46,5 m², 521,28–528,21 €/kk, Myllärintie 32 & Myllärintie 57

Several two-room apartments are available in Levänen. The peaceful area is close to great outdoor activities and hobbies. Due to the closeness of nature, Levänen suits well for families or dog owners for example!

*An example picture from the location Mylly*

Samoilija, 7 x 1h+kt, 20–23 m2, 398,08–412,59 €/kk, Samoilijantie 6

The building is located near the nature in the Puijonlaakso residential area, which is well known for the Puijo sports centre. University campus area is about 2 kilometers from the building and the Puijonlaakso shopping centre is about a kilometer away.
Location includes gym (E-building), various shared kitchens (A, B, C, D-buildings), a movie room (D-building), a chill room (A-building) and a gaming room (B-building). The apartments are space-efficient studios with a standard loft, work desk, microwave and storage. The apartments don’t have ovens or spaces for washing machines. You can find an oven in a shared kitchen and reserve washing machines from our online booking system. Otherwise the apartments are freely furnished by the tenants.
The property has special common areas that tenants use as an extension of their own apartment. The common areas are intended for the use of all residents. The building E has Smartpost automatic parcel point.

If you are interested in a studio apartment in Samoilija, you can send us an email at customerservice@kuopas.fi. At the moment, we can offer a studio apartment in Samoilija quickly, but in the summer the number of applications increases, and we cannot guarantee the studio apartment availability.

*An example picture from the location Samoilija*