Apartment availability update 8/2023

Welcome to read Kuopas’ apartment availability update for August 2023!


The apartment availability update reviews the current situation of Kuopas’ available apartments.

You can always see all our currently available apartments and also our soon to be available apartments from the Apartment search:

Open Apartment search

Note! Especially during the autumn, we recommend selecting multiple apartment types from the Apartments list for your application. By choosing only one available apartment or room, you are only applying for that specific individual apartment.

You can find instructions for how to use Apartment search in Applying Quick Guide.

If you are an exchange student or Master’s Degree student, please remember to read our Guide for Exchange & Master’s Degree Students.


Situation of studio apartments:

The waiting time for studio apartments varies depending on the urgency of your need for an apartment and the amount of your monthly steady income during your studies. Kuopas does not have queues.

All available studio apartments have been offered. Studios available on 1st September or 1st October are thus reserved, unless there are offer cancellations or terminations of contracts.

Situation of other available apartments:

Available shared apartments: A few shared rooms for female (send an application and ask for more information, if you need an apartment immediately)

Available two- or three-room family apartments: At the moment, there are no available apartments