Movie nights, cooking or maybe just relaxing together? Living with a flatmate can bring lots of fun moments and nice memories. What kind of activities have you and your flatmate done? Tell us and you can win a staggering prices for you and your friend!

In this Flatmate fun-competition Kuopas wants to know what kind of fun activities you have done/do with your flatmate and also inspire others for fun common activities.

Participate in this competition by sending us a picture with max a few sentences that describes what kind of fun you have done together. Send it by email to customerservice@kuopas.fi, before 25th of april.

The pictures will be shared on Kuopas instagram where our followers gets to choose the winner by liking their favorite pictures. The two roommates with the most likes will receive a € 50 S Group gift card as a prize, which can be used to spend a nice evening among roommates, for example.




Only a resident of Kuopas can participate in the competition.

Participate by sharing a picture with a short story related to flatmate fun.

The pictures will be shared in Kuopas Instagram feed.

The two pictures of most likes wins.

Relevant pictures will be published.