Apartment types and rents


You’ll find many apartment types as options in the application form.

In this section you’ll find more information of the apartment types. Note that certain apartment types may only be available at certain locations. The rent is valid to the end of passing year. If there will be a change in the rent, it will announced at least two months before. Usually the rents will be raised at the beginning of January. I you don’t receive new instructions on how to pay the rent, you can use the same payment information as last year. The reference number and the bank account is the same.

What does the rent include in Kuopas apartment?

*All our housing locations and apartments provide the ability to shower, use bathroom & WC. Shower curtains are included.
*All our apartments have the ability to wash your clothes
*You can cook food in all our apartments
*Free sauna turn once a week
*Free internet connection
*None of our apartments have curtains. We advise to buy curtains or a sleep mask, as the sun is up about 20 hours a day during summers in Finland.

Normally we house the short term exchange students (3-6 months) to furnished apartments and Master’s degree students to unfurnished apartments.

Furnished apartments

Apartments with furniture are located in Katiskaniementie 6, Kuntokuja 2 and Särkiniementie 30. Särkiniementie 30 has only studios, so most of the furnished apartments are in Katiskaniementie 6 and Kuntokuja 2.

As an addition to other normal equipment in Kuopas’ apartments, a furnished apartment has a bed, mattress, pillow and a blanket. You have to bring your own sheets. The furnished rooms also have a wardrobe, desk and a chair. In the kitchen there is a kitchen table and chairs.

Unfurnished apartment

Unfurnished apartments don’t have any furniture (except in the kitcen in some apartments), most of our other apartments are like this. You can check this guide about second hand furniture in Kuopio.

All our apartments and rents are shown in our Apartment search.

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Please see the sections below for what kind of accesories does each apartment type include.