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Read our guide to applying for a student rental apartment from Kuopas!

Life is here and now. We provide the base, walls and roof so that you can get the most out of it.

Did you receive a studying place in Kuopio? Congratulations! Read our guide to applying for an apartment below. After reading the quick guide, you will know the different stages of applying for an apartment, how to choose suitable apartments for your application, when you can expect an apartment offer, how the tenancy agreement is made, and how to send the right kind of study certificate.

After reading the quick guide, you can access the apartment search by clicking the button below.

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Do you want to know more of our apartment types and what the rent includes? Read the Application, apartment types and rents -page to gain more information.

Are you looking to find some pictures of our apartments? Then our Apartment gallery may be the right place for you.