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Housing application

Instructions for filling the application form

All you need is one application. With it you can apply for many different housing types and locations at the same time. Application is valid for four months. You will receive a notice email one week before the application becomes unvalid, there is a link to renew it.

In case you already have already applied for Kuopas’ apartments, sending a new application will delete the old one. Read the isntructions for filling in the application in the first page of the application.

How to apply with a friend?

Shared application with friends: You can apply for a shared apartment with a friend or two. All applicants must have their own application (Shared application with friends). The other applicants’ names must be entered in a text box in the second last page of this application (In a shared application).


Furnished shared apartments are located only in Kuntokuja 2 (shared apartments, in Puijonlaakso) and Katiskaniementie 6 (shared apartments, in Rauhalahti). The only furnished studios are in Särkiniementie 30 (Särkiniemi), you can also apply for that location if you want.

If you are coming here for an exchange, we will always try first to find you a furnished apartment from Kuntokuja 2 or Katiskaniementie 6. If there are none free, we will then offer you an unfurnished apartment. Please choose those locations in your application, if you want a furnished apartment.

How to choose areas and locations?

If you choose a certain area (of Kuopio) to your application, but don’t choose any certain apartments from there, you are applying to all of the apartments from that chosen area.

Example 1: If you choose the areas Rauhalahti and Niirala, you are open to offers from all the apartments of Rauhalahti and Niirala (according to your limitations about apartment size, type and maximum rent, etc.). If you choose an area and also choose an apartment from that area, you can receive offers on only those chosen apartments within the area.

Example 2: If you choose the areas Rauhalahti and Niirala, and then select a room from a shared apartment in Katiskaniementie 6 (Katiska) which is in Rauhalahti, you will be open to offers only from Katiskaniementie 6 (Katiska) in Rauhalahti and all the locations from Niirala (according to your limitations about apartment size, type and maximum rent, etc.).

Please read the instructions in the application carefully!

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