Kuopio Student Housing Company


Pyöräkatu 9, 70600 Kuopio

Basic information
City districtNiirala
Completion year2001
House typeApartment building (elevator)
Apartment types1r+kitchen, 1r+kitchenette, 2r+kitchen
Accomodion for110
Sauna fee20 €/month/turn
Car lot15 €/month
Garage20 €/month
Apartment types and rents
2r+k 51,5 m2 (family apartment)
656,16€ / month
10 apartments
2r+k 51 m2 - 1 room 14 m2
340,42€ / month
2r+k 48 m² (family apartment)
642,31€ / month
10 apartments
1r+k 34,5 m2
496,58€ / month
9 apartments
1h+k 34 m2
469,58€ / month
9 apartments
1h+cn 31 m2
469,16€ / month
10 apartments
1h+cn 25 m2
415,96€ / month
1 apartment
1h+cn 24 m2
406,09€ / month
1 apartment

Electricity fee: room in communal apartment 8 €/month/person, 2r+cn 15 €/month, 1r+cn 12 €/month

Note! Please, pay attention room measures are not exact.

Location and distances
City centre1,0 km
University of Eastern Finland1,1 km
Savonia, Savilahti campus1,5 km
Savonia, Opistotie campus0,4 km
Savo Consortium for Education, Presidentinkatu1,2 km

The city centre offers a primary and secondary schools and several day-care centres. The main public library is about a kilometre from the building.


The building is near the city centre in Niirala district by the Mustinlampi pond.


There are a kitchen table and chairs in shared apartments. All inhabitants share a sauna and a laundry room.

Commercial services:

The building is in the city centre, so all services are within walking distance.

Sports opportunities:

The Kuopio hall (track and field sports, gym), swimming pool, bowling alley and skating rink are within a half kilometre.

For whom:

The building is suitable for families and single students in shared apartments.