Kuopio Student Housing Company


Särkiniementie 18, 70700 Kuopio

Basic information
City districtSärkiniemi
Completion year1977
House typeApartment building, 11 floors
Apartment types1r+k, 2r+k
Accomodion for83
Sauna fee20 €/month/turn
Car lot10 €/month
RenovatedRenovated 2012
MaterialsWood laminate flooring
Apartment types and rents
2r+k 54,5 m2
721,50€ / month
1 apartment
2r+k+2 balconies/2 French balconies 52,5 m2
721,50€ / month
8 apartments
2r+k+balcone 48,5 m2
685,43€ / month
4 apartments
2r+k+balcony 46,5 m2
678,21€ / month
16 apartments
2r+k 45,0 m2
606,06€ / month
1 apartment
1r+k / 1r+k 40 m2
519,48€ / month
2 apartments
1r+k 38,5 m2
505,05€ / month
1 apartment
1r+k+balcony 37 m2
533,91€ / month
16 apartments
1r+k+balcony/French balcony 33,5 m2
497,84€ / month
32 apartments
1r+k 28,5 m2
432,90€ / month
1 apartment
1r+k 26,5 m2
404,04€ / month
1 apartment

Note! Please, pay attention room measures are not exact.

Location and distances
City centre2,6 km
University of Eastern Finland1,8 km
Savonia, Savilahti campus1,5 km
Savonia, Opistotie campus2,7 km
Savo Consortium for Education, Presidentinkatu2,0 km

A primary school is right next door. A library is located at the shopping centre. The area also has a day-care centre. The distance to the centre is three kilometres by a car and two kilometres by a bicycle.


This building is in a comfortable residential area of apartment buildings close to the city centre. The area offers good areas for outdoors activities.


Särkelä was renovated in 2012. All apartments are studios or family apartments. All inhabitants share a club room, a sauna (once a week a free sauna turn) and a laundry room.

Commercial services:

The area has a post office, grocery store, gas station and a restaurant.

Sports opportunities:

The area has good jogging/cross country skiing tracks. Distance to the Rauhalahti riding school, tennis/squash hall and the hotel is 1.5 kilometres. The hotel offers a spa, gym and climbing wall.

For whom:

The building is suitable for families and single students.