Rules in shared apartment

Living in a shared apartment – common rules

Shared apartment is a community where some rules are made together. A good relationship starts with a presentation; tell the other student who are you and where you come from. Also tell what kind of student life you wish to live.

The responsibility of the shared apartment is shared. If other roommate doesn’t do their chores, it doesn’t give you the right to not do them either. If the other roommate doesn’t do their chores, you should inform KUOPAS.

Animals are only accepted if all the roommates accept them. If someone lefts and the new tenant doesn’t want to live with an animal, the animal must be found a new home. Smoking is not allowed in any of our apartments or balconies.

If you want to invite friends to your shared apartment, always ask permission from other roommates.

Girlfriends and boyfriends can visit shared apartments with a permission from other tenants. If they want to spend the night there, it must be always be confirmed with other roommates. However, spending nights should not happen every week.

What if roommates disagree?

If you have a problem with your roommate, try talking to him/her first. Acting nice always helps! If talking doesn’t help, then you can contact Kuopas’ customer service about the issue.

Also see Disturbances.