Kuopio Student Housing Company


Tenants are responsible for cleaning in Kuopas apartments. As soon as you have moved in, you should discuss the cleaning schedule with your flat mates. We have written these instructions, where you can see what responsibilities you have during your time in Kuopas’ apartment.

Neglecting to clean the flat might become expensive, at the latest when you move out and the rooms are inspected. If the flat is not in ordinary shape, the costs of cleaning and repair will be deducted from the deposit paid by the tenant.

Common kitchens and kitchens in shared apartments

When you are finished using the kitchen:

  • Clean the work surfaces, the sink, the cooker and the oven
  • Take out any garbage
  • Wash up your own dishes and put them away
  • Empty the work bench of your groceries
  • If you cook food with strong odor, take all the remainings to the garbage outside the apartment right away

If you detect anything missing or broken in the kitchen, e.g. taps running or cracked surfaces, file a fault report.

We have put together a cleaning instructions for the residents in Kuopas apartments. You can download it here: Cleaning instructions

Cleaning before leaving

You can read instructions for cleaning before leaving here