Common areas & storage


Normal movement, careful use of furniture and equipment, and instructions for children are usually sufficient together with the cleaner to keep the staircase in a demonstrable condition. The staircase is also not a storage space. Locked exterior doors are part of the security of our houses.

Bulletin board

The bulletin board is Kuopas’ official information channel. The bulletin board contains continuously valid standard notifications and current notifications separately. The bulletin board is maintained by service man. Also follow the news on our website.

Common Storage Areas and Storage Bins for Belongings

There are storages dedicated to outdoor equipment, baby carriages and bicycles in every student building. Some of the residential locations have a limited number of wire cages for storing belongings for each residence in the basement or attic. You can take one storage for yourself according to the rules in the storage room.

These areas are not meant for storage of any belongings that may endanger fire safety, such as: mopeds, batteries, fuel, etc. It is not recommended to store any valuable assets in the storage facilities. It is also recommended that items be stored 10 cm above the floor limit due to possible water damage. Neatly maintained and tidy warehouses can also hold more stuff and, most importantly, are also easy to use. The storage of any loose belongings in other common areas is forbidden, and we also wish that old belongings not be abandoned in common areas. Tenants are responsible for moving any unwanted items. If Kuopas removes any items the owner of the item will be charged for the costs of the moving service.

See the instructions in your building’s storage room about how to use and reserve a storage room in that location.

Storage locations

Club Rooms for Residents

Some student buildings have club rooms that are meant to be used for spending time together. The club rooms are open to the residents, but their use must always be agreed with Kuopas. The club room booker is responsible for any possible damages or cleaning costs incurred by themselves or their guests. All noises should be avoided between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


It is forbidden to grill food in the balcony. Smoking is also prohibited in the balconies in KUOPAS apartments.


The look of the yard area can be improved by the residents by getting together and arranging work parties. In buying plants, etc. Kuopas will definitely be involved along with the tenants. It is forbidden to make an open fire in the yard. Some student buildings have a grill place in the yard. Please note that only charcoal can be used for grilling. Do not use wood

The upkeep of yards as well as the greens and plantings are taken care of by ISS services. Residents may help with the yard`s upkeep by taking care of their own belongings and by respecting delicate plants, greens, etc.


Depending on the site and the type of building, mail is delivered either directly to the apartment or to a separate letter box.

Moving Around in the Residential Area

Driving and parking on courtyards and walkways with a motor vehicle is prohibited in all cases except when moving in or out. As many yards are very complex in structure and small children are frequent on walkways and courtyards, bicyclists are also to take great care in the residential area. Also, when hauling a moving load, it should be remembered that grassy areas are not driveways and any excess parking disturbs other traffic and maintenance work.

When walking your pet, please consider your neighbours. Droppings are to be picked up.

Public transport

The apartments are along good transport connections and close education institutions. Public transport timetables and route information are available from your local transport company.