Deposit payment

This is the guarantee you give to us, of your intention of looking after all obligations concerning your apartment. The deposit payment has to be paid immediately after receiving an apartment offer to keep the apartment reserved for you.

When the rental period is over the deposit will be returned to you at last after one month after your contract has ended, granted that you have fulfilled all obligations to Kuopas and the apartment is clean and in good condition.

If you give your notice of termination before the 15. day, you will be among the first ones in the deposit return process and we will return your deposit payment faster. Usually within two weeks of your leave.

Please notice that foreign bank may charge some costs for the transaction. If the amount of the deposit payment we receive is incomplete because of the transaction costs, we will request for you to pay the missing amount. When returning the deposit, we transfer the same amount we received from you. The amount that eventually reaches your account can be less because of the transferring costs.