Kuopio Student Housing Company

Domestic appliances and installations

Washing machines

If your apartment is not already equipped with the fittings for a washing machine and/or a dishwasher, you can have them installed by ordering the Service from a professional. You need need to also inform Kuopas’ Office about the fittings. Kuopas can’t install the fittings.


A regular defrosting of the refrigerator is important, since an icy refrigerator uses a lot of electricity and does not function effectively. When removing the ice, do not use force or sharp tools. Older refrigerators should be defrosted every few weeks, whereas newer refrigerators defrost automatically.

Mechanical Ventilation

All our buildings are equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. According to building standards, the air in an apartment must change at least once every two hours on average. This is done with extractors, the operating times of which are timer-controlled between maximum and half speed. The exhaust air is sucked from the kitchen and the bathroom, i.e. from rooms where odours and dampness build up. Obviously, the air changes in all the other rooms as well.

Supply Air

The air which is sucked out by the extractor is replaced by fresh supply air. In older buildings this happens through special gaps on the tops of the window frames, which are deliberately unsealed. In newer buildings there are air vents in the window frames, or on the walls, specially made for this purpose. Unsealed gaps and vents have to be left open. If the flow of incoming air is obstructed, the apartments become like bottles, out of which the extractor is trying in vain to suck out the increasingly damp, unhealthy, and bad air. And as the supply air forces its way in from all possible gaps, usually at floor level and at high speed, it can result in a feeling of draught.

Cleaning the Ventilators

The regular cleaning of the ventilator openings, which can be found in the bathroom and in the kitchen above the cooker, is the tenant`s responsibility. Especially the ventilator in the kitchen quickly builds up with greasy dust, which blocks the vent. An easy and simple way to clean the ventilator openings is to, for example, wet a cloth with washing-up liquid and wrap it around a knife, and wipe the gap around the vent with it. To finish up, give a wipe with a clean cloth. Do not tamper with the vents or their adjustments.

Indoor air quality

If the indoor air feels stuffy and/or the windows steam up, you should first examine the ventilator openings, clean them, and check that the vents for the incoming air are open and that there is nothing obstructing the flow of air. After this you can try to see if the ventilator opening for exhaust air holds an A4 sheet of paper by suction, as it should. If it does not, and the air still feels stuffy, contact the Kuopas’ Housing Office as soon as possible. We will see to the matter and put things right.

Floor Drain

Like the regular cleaning of the ventilator openings, the cleaning of the bathroom floor drain is also the tenant`s responsibility. A floor drain quickly builds up with hair and other residue which does not pass through the drain trap, and eventually it blocks the drain. An easy way to clean the drain is to lift the grating and to scoop up out the waste by hand. It may feel a little messy, but it is mostly just your own hair. You can also use a rubber glove. Finish up with clean water and perhaps with a drop of washing-up liquid and replace the grating. In the floor drain there is a cleaning hole, which is sealed by a plug. If this plug becomes loose or comes off, some odours may pass through the air lock. If this should happen, contact the Kuopas’ Housing Office.

Sink Drain Traps

The cleaning of the drain traps in the sinks is done in almost the same way as the cleaning of the floor drain. Bathroom sink`s drain trap comes off usually by unscrewing it, which makes it is easy to clean. All deposits can then be removed from the pipe with, for example, the tip of a knife or some other sharp tool. However, you should not attempt to clean the drain trap in the kitchen sink. Leave it to our maintenance personnel.

If you are uncertain of what to do, contact Kuopas’ housing office.