Kuopio Student Housing Company

Economic living, Waste management

Save energy. Smart and economic living does not mean that you need to say no to the comforts available to you, but that you use them consciously and appropriately. Excess use of electricity and water as well as temperature adjustments by keeping windows open constantly is a waste. Fill out a notice of defects if the temperature in your apartment is too high.

Waste management, recycling

A part of ecological living is a working garbage disposal as well as recycling and conservation of energy. Problem waste (batteries, light bulbs, solvents, fuel, glue, paint, etc.) are not to be thrown in with other waste. They are to be taken to the appropriate collection sites. Find out the problem waste collection sites that are near your residential location. Medicine which are past their “best before” date should be taken to the pharmacy (apteekki) to be disposed of.

Always put your waste in containers and keep the lids closed. Unclean and overflowing waste containers are a health risk and attract mice, rats and birds, which spread the waste as well as disease.

• Waste must be sorted into the appropriate waste containers. All Kuopas’ buildings have waste collection bins.
• The disposal of items other than household waste is the responsibility of the residents themselves. Do not leave any furniture or large items in the waste collection area.
• Environmentally harmful waste (batteries etc.) must be taken to the locations reserved for them. Do not leave environmentally harmful waste to Kuopas’ waste collection bins.