Kuopio Student Housing Company

From one Kuopas apartment to another

As a family grows or shrinks, the place of studies changes or in other changing conditions you can apply for a change in apartments to another student residence that is better suited to your situation.

If changing apartment’s inside Kuopas you have to give us your notice of termination concerning your previous tenancy agreement. The notice period is one full calendar month.

Please keep in mind that in family residences the responsibility for the apartment and the payment of the rent is shared even in the case of a separation, for as long as the tenancy contract is in effect. The partner moving out is to serve a notice of termination for him- or herself, and in doing so the responsibility for the residence ends with the end of the notice period. All obligations to the housing association must be met before a change in residence is possible. You can’t change residence if you have not paid all of the earlier rents.

If you are changing your apartment inside Kuopas and the 1st day of the month happens to be at the weekend or a common holiday, you can pick up the new key from our office between 8:00-9:00 free of charge and without a need to inform us about it. Also, if changing apartments within Kuopas, you need to return the key of the old apartment before 12:00 of the first day of your new tenancy contract. As an example, if your tenancy agreement ends on 31.1 and the new one starts on 1.2 you have to return your old keys before 12:00 1.2.

Please see our instructions for the Notice of termination here.

Temporary absence

Residency can be paused for a certain period in the case of serving in the army or civilian duty, extended illness, practical training in another town or abroad or a similar reason. For this, you need permission from Kuopas to rent your residence to another student. Ask more from the Kuopas’ Housing Office.