Kuopio Student Housing Company

Matters of order


Vandalism is a matter that no one should tolerate. Reporting vandalism is the duty of all residents and pre-emptive action helps achieve comfort in our homes. A vandal is always financially responsible for the caused damages, and in cases which are unclear, tenants pay for the damages through their rent. In cases of vandalism it should be remembered that the priority is a person`s safety and only then material and financial matters. General peacekeeping is ultimately the responsibility of the authorities and, if necessary, everyone has the right to seek the help of the police. You should inform about, for example, defects and faults in your neighbourhood to the housing office.


According to Finnish smoking laws, smoking in a common indoor area is prohibited. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all apartments, balconies and common areas with tenancy agreements commencing after 31th July 2012. If the apartment has to be cleaned or painted because of smoking, the tenant has to pay all the costs. Infringement of these laws can lead to a termination of your tenancy contract. Smoking is also prohibited in public indoor areas such as schools, universities and most cafeterias. Some cafeterias have a separate smoking area.

Fire Safety

Fire safety laws require that all residences have a fire alarm. In every Kuopas apartment there is at least one fire alarm/room (except buildings with fire alarm system). Check the fire alarm regularly and change the battery if necessary. Buying and changing the battery is the responsibility of the tenant. Shared apartments must have working fire alarms in the common area as well as the individual rooms. If the fire alarm makes frequent beeps, please make a repair notification.