Rent a shared electric car

Shared electric car for Kuopas’ tenants – Rent it!

NOTE! PlanBil Oy has ceased its operations, which is why Kuopas’ shared car is out of use, at least for the time being. We are investigating the possibilities for the continuation of the shared car service.

Some of our locations have a shared electric car. At the moment we have one car which is located in Niirala, in front of Pyöräkatu 7. More is coming!

Check the prices of renting the car from the service.


How can I rent the shared electric car?

  1. Go to address and register.
  2. You can unlock and lock the car from
  3. You will get access to the car after your information has been cleared. Access rights are handled during business days between 9AM–5PM.
  4. Please read the instructions, rules and terms of contract from

Read these instructions, they are also inside the car:

Basic guide for the use of the electric car: Guide for electric car

Locations of shared electric cars