Kuopio Student Housing Company

Residential rights

Kuopas’ apartments are meant for students who study in some of the following institutions in Kuopio and its surroundings: University of Eastern Finland, University of Applied Sciences, high school or vocational institute. Tenant must be a full-time student.

The tenancy agreement is valid for the duration of your studies in case you don’t terminate the agreement earlier. Tenant’s obligation is to inform Kuopas when studies have ended. The notice period for terminating a tenancy agreement that is in effect until further notice is one calendar month. If Kuopas terminates the tenancy contract, the termination notice time is three months, or if the tenancy contract has lasted for at least one year continuously, the notice period is six months.

Please notice that Kuopas doesn’t rent apartments primarily to postgraduates. However, if there’s free apartments available it is possible for postgraduate students to get an apartment from Kuopas.