Right to occupancy

How long can I live in Kuopas’ apartments?

Kuopas’ apartments are meant for students who study in some of the following institutions in Kuopio and its surroundings: University of Eastern Finland, University of Applied Sciences, high school or vocational institute. Tenant must be a full-time student.

You can stay in Kuopas apartment for the duration of your studies. Tenant’s obligation is to inform Kuopas when studies have ended. The student point limits are not used if the tenant is writing a thesis, is on an internship, is in the army, is pregnant, acts in a student organization, is on a parental leave or is sick. A certification is required as a proof. Student points are required only from degree students.

Please notice that Kuopas doesn’t rent apartments primarily to postgraduates. However, if there are free apartments available it is possible for postgraduate students to get an apartment from Kuopas.

Recission of the Agreement

In the case of serious violations the housing association has the right to recede from the agreement without a notice period. These are, for example, neglecting to pay the rent, a disturbing and obtrusive lifestyle, transfer of the right of tenancy or giving up a portion of the residence to another party without the permission of the housing association, etc.

The tenancy agreement will be terminated immediately once the notice of rescission is served. If necessary, the housing association will request an eviction order from the county court.

Inspection of the Contract

As a tenant you are bound to inform KUOPAS if there are any significant changes in the information you supplied when the tenancy contract was signed (example: end of studies, etc.). Giving incorrect information or refusing to supply information can lead to termination or recission of the tenancy agreement.