Kuopio Student Housing Company


Are you going away for a while?

A student renting a room/apartment from Kuopas can temporarily sublease their whole room/apartment to a third person during the summer months (June-August) or for the duration of a study-related work experience or exchange. During the study-related work experience or exchange subleasing the sub-tenant has to be also a student. During the summer months (June-August) subleasing sub-tenant can also be other than student.

The principal tenant has to provide certificate to Kuopas about the study-related work experience or exchange.

Are you moving to a family apartment with your friend?

A student can also sublet a part of their family apartment to another student, for as long as they both are students. As an example, you can rent a 3 room family apartment and sublet half of the apartmet to your friend. The other one is the principal tenant and the other one subleases half of the apartment to himself/herself.

What should you know about subleasing?

The principal tenant is alone responsible for condition and rent payment for the room/apartment during subleasing time to Kuopas.

Please, notice if you sublease your room from a shared apartment, you have to rent your room from female shared apartment to female and room from male shared apartment to male.

Always draw up a subleasing agreement in writing, please use this form: Subleasing form.

Remember to give one copy to Kuopas before subleasing time will start.

If you haven’t informed Kuopas that you are subleasing your room/apartment by the required date or if the conditions for subleasing are not met, Kuopas has the right to not approve the subleasing.