Kuopio Student Housing Company

Tenancy agreement

By approving the tenancy agreement, you commit yourself to comply with all rules and regulations that apply on renting both by the Finnish law and by other terms mentioned on the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is valid for the duration of your studies in case you don’t terminate the agreement earlier. According to the tenancy agreement and the law, you are liable to give a full month’s notice on the termination of the tenancy.

The tenancy agreement can also be made for a short period, for example after you have finished your studies or for a summer period.

Renting your apartment to a third party is only allowed with our permission.

Deposit payment

This is the guarantee you give to us, of your intention of looking after all obligations concerning your apartment. The deposit payment has to be paid immediately after receiving an apartment offer to keep the apartment reserved for you.

When the rental period is over the deposit will be returned to you granted that you have fulfilled all obligations to Kuopas and the apartment is clean and in good condition.

Please notice that foreign bank may charge some costs for the transaction. If the amount of the deposit payment we receive is incomplete for that, we charge the missing part in your first rent. When returning the deposit, we transfer the same amount from our account that we have got but the amount that reaches your account can be less because of the costs of the bank.


The student houses are financed by state-subsidized housing loans and the rents are calculated on a non-profit basis.

A separate fee is charged for the use of electricity, sauna and parking. In furnished apartments the furniture fee is already included in the rent.

All apartments are equipped with kitchen tables, stools, basic lighting fixture and shower curtains in the bathroom. A furnished apartment contains also a desk, a couple of chairs, bookcase and a bed with bed clothes (mattress, blanket and pillow).

All our apartments have technical capacity for fixed internet connection.


The rent and other fees are due the 5th of each month. If the payment is delayed, collection company Intrum Oy will charge normal overdue charges and interest for overdue. Your rent payment information can be found from the rent agreement.

When paying the rent, use the pre-printed bills with reference numbers and bar codes; this addresses the payment to the right payer.

The charges that are not payed to us in agreement time will be handled by a collection company called Intrum Oy. Intrum Oy follows the Finnish acts and statutes for private persons and practices agreed with Kuopas. If you want to get information about the collection procedure, have a look at their website www.intrum.com. You will find even in English the answers to most questions associated with making the payments.

If you have problems in paying the rent, contact the Kuopas housing office as soon as possible to resolve the situation.

Housing Supplement

Foreign students should contact their school or the local Social Insurance Institute (KELA) for details on the student financial aid.