Kuopio Student Housing Company

Tenants responsibilities

A tenant is responsible for small maintenance tasks in the building. In the list below, you can check what you can and should do yourself.

General cleaning

  • Clean the apartment regularly. See Cleaning for instuctions.


  • Cleaning of the balcony and shovelling snow as well as cleaning the water outlet openings and keeping them open.

Wet room surfaces

  • Observing the wet rooms’ condition in the apartments and informing the caretaker about discovered faults.


  • If you bring your own dishwasher: Detaching and attaching of allocation cabinet of the apartments dishwasher as well as the installation of the dishwasher. Important! The installation of the dishwasher should be done by a professional.

Fire alarm

  • In every Kuopas apartment there is at least one fire alarm/room (except housing with fire alarm system seen below). Check the fire alarm regularly and change the battery if necessary. To buy and change the battery is responsibility for tenant. If the fire alarm is broken, Kuopas will change it.

Fire alarm system

  • There is a fire alarm system in Kuopas housing: Taivaapankontie 15, Särkiniementie 30, Satamakatu 26, Torikatu 15, Suokatu 14 and Katiskaniementie 6 building E. The system has been installed to these buildings as a requirement of rescue authorities to improve tenant’s safety. Kuopas cannot switch off the fire alarm system and we have to call teh authorities for testing the system periodically. Kuopas maintenance also will test the system every month. The system cannot be dismantled even if Kuopas or the tenant would want it.
  • The fire alarm system transmits the alarm always to the Kuopas maintenance if there is smoke in the apartment caused by cooking/burning or defective buildinghold appliance. The tenant cannot quit the alarm. The purpose of the alarm is to prevent personal damages and also damages to the apartment or the housing. You can read more information on the building information board of your building about the fire alarm system and get instructions for what to do when you hear the alarm.
  • If a tenant has caused the fire alarm by his/her action, the maintenance call will be charged from the tenant. It’s the same kind of situation as for example door opening fee. If the tenant has forgotten the key inside, he/she will pay the door opening payment. If this would not be the fact, the fees would be collected from other tenants.

Fridge and freezer

  • Cleaning the inside back wall the fridge of ice and keeping the water exit hole open.
  • Keeping the freezer frost free and defreezing it if necessary.

Heat, water, air conditioning, and electricity fittings and equipment

  • Observing the taps and the toilet for possible leaks (please make a repair request).
  • Keeping the air lock (under the sink) and the shower floor trap clean.
  • Cleaning the inlet- and outlet valves of air conditioning in the apartment.
  • Cleaning the ventilator above the stove and stove filter bulb.
  • Buying and changing broken bulbs of the apartment. Special lamps (e.g. in the oven, bathroom and in the refrigerator) are to be informed to maintenance.