Termination of contract

How to give Notice of termination to KUOPAS and what is it?

To end the tenancy contract with KUOPAS, tenants with an open-ended contract must give KUOPAS a Notice of termination at minimum one calendar month before they leave. Notice of termination is done by sending KUOPAS the Notice of termination document. The notice time of one month is set to begin from the last day of the month in which the notice is given. Example: If you give your Notice of termination any day during January, the contract ends on the last day of February. This means that you also need to pay the rent of February.

If you have a Finnish bank account (and access to internet authentication), you can fill in the Notice of termination by using Electronical authentication here.

In the termination form we ask for your permission to give out your contact information, so that the next tenant can contact you and you can quickly show the apartment to him or her. We kindly ask that you accept this request, as it helps us and the next tenant greatly.

If you have made the contract together with your partner or your friend (=you applied with one application), you will both need to sign the Notice of termination for it to become valid. This is also a requirement in the Electronical authentication. You both will have to sign in to the service and separately end the contract. Otherwise the Notice of termination is not valid.

If you can’t use Electronical authentication, the signed Notice of termination document must be brought to Kuopas’ office or you can scan it and send it to us by email, with your signature. The notice must always be returned with a signature. You can also come to our Office during open hours to fill in the document, we have them here. If we are closed or you don’t want to wait, you can also always drop the document to a mailbox in our office door in Torikatu 15.

You can download the Notice of termination document here.

If you give your notice of termination before the 15. day, you will be among the first ones in the deposit return process and we will return your deposit payment faster. Usually within two weeks of your leave. If you want, you can also terminate the contract earlier, the one month notice time is the minimum.

How to know if my contract is open-ended or fixed?

All our contracts are open-ended, if you have not asked it to be fixed term. You can check your offer and tenancy agreement if your tenancy agreement is fixed-term or open-ended. Fixed-term means, that there is also an ending date in the offer or contract. Open-ended means, that the offer or contract only has a starting date, and you have to terminate the contract yourself to make it end.

Are you graduating?

A tenant is personally responsible for giving notice once studies have come to an end. You can notice us by coming to the office or by sending an email about your graduation. After graduating Kuopas will terminate the contract. If your tenancy contract has lasted over a year, the notice time for the termination from Kuopas is six months from the end of the month the notice of termination was given. If less, then the notice time will be three months. Example: If you have lived in Kuopas’ apartment for over a year and Kuopas terminates the contract during January, you can live in the apartment until the end of July.

Are you changing your apartment within Kuopas?

Remember to terminate your current contract before accepting a new offer. If you haven’t terminated your current contract and you start a new one, you have to pay two rents at the same time, for at least one month. This rule also applies if your building is demolished or sold by Kuopion Opiskelija-asunnot Oy.