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Where to buy or donate second hand kitchenware and furniture?

Buy or donate kitchenware and furniture in Kuopio

Kuopio has many Second hand stores where you can buy donated kitchenware and furniture in good condition and with fair prices.

Kontti Second Hand Department Store

One of them is Kontti Second Hand Department Store, operated by the Finnish Red Cross. It locates in Leväsentie 21, 70780 Kuopio, which is very near our Katiska (Katiskaniementie 6) location.

Link to their site: https://kontti.redcross.fi/
Unfortunaltey not all the sites are in English.

Contact information:
Kontti’s Customer service: +35840 1390 726
Open hours: mon-fri 9-18, sat 9-16

If you want to donate furniture, please call the customer service first. They will come and see if the furniture is in good enough shape to be sold. What is good shape?: The frame is not broken in any way, the fabric is clean and odor free, the fabric or leather is not broken.

When donating other items (like kitchenware), you can always bring them to the store. If the store is closed and the donation box is full in Kontti’s yard, please try another time. Please always clean or wash your items before you bring them to Kontti.

If you want to buy large furniture from Kontti, you can also buy a delivery service.

What you can bring or buy in SPR Kontti?:
• Kitchenware
• Home equipment
• Clothes
• Shoes, bags
• Books
• Toys
• Sports equipment
• Furniture (call and ask for pick up and valuation onsite)

What you can’t bring to SPR Kontti:
• Broken items
• Very large furniture or IT-equipment
• Chemicals, medicine