Kuopas’ tenants and coronavirus

Dear tenant,

As a student living in Kuopas’ apartments you have access to many shared facilities. We now ask you to use them as little as possible, and also remind you to wash your hand before and after if you have to use them.

Key service is still available in our office normally. Key service is open Mon – Fri 12-15.

  • Read about self quarantine here: Self-quarantine instructions and traveling
  • If you live in a shared apartment and think that you are infected or you are in a quarantine, communicate with your roommates, agree with rules on how to use common areas and help each others!
  • Many students are studying from home. Please give others peace for studying during day time also.

All other instructions can also be read from THL:s guide (Finnish institute for health and welfare):THL: Coronavirus latest updates

Also see instructions from KELA: KELA and coronavirus