New exercise facilities

We have added gyms (kuntoilutila) to few of our locations. According to our tenant surveys, exercise facilities are the most desired common areas, which is why we wanted to respond to our tenants’ wishes. Gyms have been added to those locations, where it has been possible to do so. These locations are Metsurintie 4, Rosokuja 3 and Katiskaniementie 6.

The gym equipment vary depending on the size of the gym, but every gym has dumbbells, kettlebells and a bench. Some of the gyms also have different exercise equipment, such as exercise bike, Smith machine or weight bench.

It is important to follow the common rules of the gym:

  • The gym should not be used during quiet hours from 10 pm to 6 am, and at other times excessive clattering of weights or loud noises should be avoided.
  • Keep the gym clean: Take your own trash away with you, use a sweat towel and always return the weights to their places after use. Weights or equipment may not be borrowed or taken away from the gym.
  • In possible fault situations, always file a fault report from our website.
  • The gym is intended only for tenants.
  • Exercising in the gym is tenant’s own responsibility.

We wish you great exercising moments!