Shared apartment tenant – take advantage of the common forms!

Do you live in a shared apartment with a roommate? If yes, download these super useful common forms to help you with the shared rules and cleaning routine!


Use the buttons below to download the common forms where you and your roommates can write down the cleaning shifts or rules to be followed in your apartment.

Open the Cleaning Checklist here

Open the Shared Apartment's House Rules here

Please remember to agree together on at least these things:

  • Cleaning shifts – In shared apartments, all tenants are jointly responsible for cleaning. You must always remember to clean up after yourself. Please use the cleaning list above to help you allocate cleaning shifts.
  • Quiet hours – Silence from 10PM–6AM. Avoid making loud noises outside of quiet hours, so that your neighbours can study in peace. You should also agree together on things like watching TV and listening to music.
  • Common/personal belongings – Decide which items are shared and which are personal. Always ask your roommate’s permission if you want to use their things.
  • Inviting guests – Agree together whether and when you will be allowed to have visitors. Always let your roommates know in advance if you are expecting guests. If you are having a party, always take your roommate and other neighbours into consideration. Overnight guests are only allowed with your roommates’ permission, but even then, the overnight stay must not be continuous or long.

Also take these things into consideration:

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all (shared) apartments.
  • Keeping animals is allowed in communal living only with the permission of all tenants. Notify our customer service and your roommates if you have animals or if you are allergic.

Read more about Kuopas’ shared apartment rules here: Rules in a shared apartment.

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