Tenant’s guide

You are reading the housing guide of Kuopas, which aims to ease your start as a new tenant and to inform current tenants about our services and shared rules.

The guide covers the most important aspects, but don’t hesitate to contact our customer service or the maintenance if you have any concerns.

If you are browsing with a mobile device, you can open different parts of Tenant’s guide by opening the menu from the top right corner of the page.

On the ‘Living in Kuopas’ page, you will find information related to the right to occupancy, disturbances in living, changing apartments, subleeasing, as well as the Rules of Order. Additionally, the Tenant’s guide addresses guidelines related to apartment cleaning and repairs. You will also find information about Internet connection, saunas, laundry rooms, and parking spaces.

Please also visit the Building Guide, if you are looking for information about the location of your building’s storage, sauna, parking spaces, or laundry room.