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Fault reports must always be done by using the Fault report form.


Customer service


Tel. +358 (0)20 710 9740 (pvm/mpm [local network rate or mobile charge])

The waiting time is subject to charges as well.

Please, don’t send sensitive personal information or attachments through unsecured email. You can send secure encrypted emails to Kuopas here: Send an encrypted email to Kuopas

At the turn of August and September, our office has a lot of clients, and we may not always be able to answer calls. We recommend contacting us by email.

Opening hours:

Office and phone: Mon – Fri 12-15

First working day of the month 8-15:30


Taru, tenant secretary
Anni, tenant secretary
Annamaija Niemelä, communications coordinator +358 20 7341577 (pvm/mpm [local network rate or mobile charge])
Riina Susimaa, move-in-inspections and customer service +358 20 7109742 (pvm/mpm [local network rate or mobile charge])


Maintenance service

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8-15
First working day in every month 8-15:30

Email: No Fault reports for this email, use the Fault report -form instead.

24/7 service number: +358 (0)44 764 0760 (24-hour service) Use this number if you lost your key and need your door to be opened, or you have an urgent issue concerning the apartment, like a water leakage.

More info about key service and maintenance services here.

Property manager: Jari Peiponen
Personal phone: +358 (0)20 734 1597 (pvm/mpm [local network rate or mobile charge])



Constructor: Tapani Lehmusaho
Administration and Development Manager: Atte Koskela +358 (0)20 710 9749 (pvm/mpm [local network rate or mobile charge])
Managing Director: Aku Taira

E-mail addresses are of the form



You can send feedback to Kuopas anonymously through the link below.

If you are sending feedback about a specific location, please remember to include the address of the location.

Send an encrypted email to Kuopas.