Kuopio Student Housing Company

Sauna, laundry room and parking spaces


There is a free sauna period every week, 1.5 hours for men and 1.5 hours for women. The time can be found on the sauna door in your building.

You can also rent your own sauna turn (1 hour per week, same time every week) from Kuopas’ office.

Locations of Saunas in Kuopas’ buildings

Laundry Room and Drying Room

All residential locations have their own laundry room, an area for drying laundry, and modern washers and dryers. Directions, reservation systems, etc. can be found in the laundry room. The use of laundry rooms is free of charge. The laundry room is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

You can reserve your wash time beforehand at any time when the laundry room is open. If you do not need the time you have reserved, please cancel it. The front door of the laundry room must be kept locked to keep out outsiders. The housing association does not reimburse for clothes that go missing from the laundry room. Use all machines according to instructions and make a notice of defects as soon as you notice that a machine does not work, or it malfunctions.

Locations of Laundry rooms in Kuopas’ buildings

Parking Spaces and Spaces with Car Heaters

There are car heating posts in the parking areas of residential locations. These spaces can be rented from the Kuopas office. Do not park in reserved spaces. If you do not use your car, please find a place for it where it is not in the way of snow-clearing in winter, our maintenance service can help you with this. Parking is monitored by the City of Kuopio. Please don’t leave your car in any other places in the yard than a parking slot. You may get ticketed if the car is in a wrong place.

Unfortunately you can’t charge electric vehicles from the heating posts.