Fault report

When should I send a fault report?

In urgent problems (water leaks, sewer problems, dangerous electricity problems) call 24/7 maintenance service +358 (0) 44 764 0760.

  • It’s too hot or cold
  • Doors or windows don’t open or close properly
  • Ventilation problems
  • Windows freeze or fog
  • Broken device
  • No mattress/pillow/blanket in furnished apartment
  • Apartment smells bad
  • You don’t know if something is broken or if something works properly

If you have problems with your Internet call directly to DNA’s customer service. The DNA store in the centre is inside shopping mall Aapeli, Kauppakatu 28.

Our maintenance team will contact you in order to conduct the work. They will call you first, but if they can’t reach you, they will send you an email. Please make sure that your contact information is filled in correctly on the form. Please use your finnish mobile phone number. If you don’t have one, please check your email regularly so that we can agree on the time for the repair work.
You can also write down suitable times when the maintenance work can be conducted.

Please note that non-urgent maintenance work is conducted only from Monday to Friday, mainly between 7 AM and 3 PM.

Fault report form

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