Internet, TV and modems

How to use and activate or order Kuopas Internet?

To enable the free DNA internet connection (25Mbit/s) in your new apartment, you need to contact a company called DNA. They will switch the connection on. DNA Oyj is the company that provides internet connections for Kuopas.

You can enable the Internet connection by calling DNA or by visiting the store. You can inform them, that you are an exchange student and that you are moving to Kuopas’ student apartment. When you move out, you must inform DNA that you will no longer need the connection. If you want a faster connection than the free 25Mbit/s, you can buy it directly from DNA, but you will need a Finnish social security number to make the purchase.

You can register to DNA here:

DNA contact info:

If there is an issue with the internet connection, always contact DNA’s fault reporting service directly.

DNA fault reports 24h: Tel. 044 144 044 (from abroad tel. +358 44 144 044)

Address: Kauppakatu 28, Kuopio 70110 (Only this store will give you the modem for free)
Monday – Friday 9–19, Saturday 10–17


All furnished family apartments and furnished rooms in shared apartments have a modem when you move in. If you can’t find a modem in your furnished apartment or room, the modem doesn’t work, or it is so old that it doesn’t have the WiFi function, you can get a new one from a DNA Kauppa Store, which is located in Aapeli shopping mall in the centre of Kuopio. The address is Kauppakatu 28. Take the old modem with you to DNA in order to receive a new one. Do not borrow a modem from another room, all rooms have their own modems. If you have any questions or problems about the connection or the devices, please contact DNA. Always leave the modem/router in the apartment when you move out.

Unfurnished family apartments, unfurnished shared apartments and unfurnished studios don’t have modems. You can buy a modem or a router from electronics stores, like Gigantti, Power and DNA Kauppa stores.

Here is a list of connection types in Kuopas’ apartments (If you need to buy your own modem or a router):

VDSL2 (You need a modem)

  • Haapaniementie 11
  • Haapaniementie 24
  • Hermannin aukio 1
  • Katiskaniementie 6
  • Lehtoniemenkatu 7
  • Metsurintie 4: A,D,E,F,H,I ja K
  • Myllärintie 32
  • Myllärintie 57
  • Neulamäentie 3
  • Petkelkuja 3
  • Rimpitie 1
  • Särkiniementie 30
  • Torikatu 15-17

Ethernet (You don’t need a modem for ethernet cable connection, you will need a router if you want wifi)

  • Ahkiotie 8
  • Hallikatu 13
  • Hauenkoukku 8
  • Metsurintie 4: G ja J
  • Niiralankatu 23
  • Pyöräkatu 11
  • Pyöräkatu 7
  • Pyöräkatu 9
  • Rosokuja 3
  • Samoilijantie 6
  • Satamakatu 24
  • Satamakatu 26
  • Suokatu 14
  • Särkiniementie 18
  • Taivaanpankontie 15

Cable (You will need a cable modem)

  • Kuntokuja 2
  • Metsurintie 4: B,C,L,M,N,O,P,Q, R ja S
  • Petkelkuja 1

Problems or questions about the Internet connection or the modem?

If your wifi was working before and doesn’t work now, just power off the modem and wait for 30 seconds. If that doesn’t work, contact DNA service.

If you don’t know the name or the password of the wifi, hold down the “Reset” button for 30 seconds, and then let the modem do a reboot on its own. After that you should be able to use the Wifi settings and passwords that are written in the back of the modem. You should also check that all wires are in the right places.

If resetting the modem didn’t help, you can contact DNA’s fault service.

Here are DNA’s guides about different connection types and how to use them:

DNA Cable
DNA Ethernet

Here are DNA’s guides for different connection types and how to use them:

Contact DNA


All Kuopas houses are connected to DNA’s cable television network. Through DNA’s cable television, you can see basic channels, such as YLE’s channels, MTV3, Nelonen and many other TV channels. Basic channels can be watched without a TV card. Easily set up cable TV:

  1. You need a Cable Ready HD or DVB-C marked TV or set-top box.
  2. Perform a channel search. See your device’s user guide for instructions.