Kuopio Student Housing Company

Rent a shared electric car

Shared electric car for Kuopas’ tenants – Rent it!

As a tenant of Kuopas you are able to rent Kuopas’ shared electric car. At the moment we have one car which is located in Niirala, infront of Pyöräkatu 7. More is coming!

Renting the car costs 7 euros per hour or 59 euros per day.


How can I rent the shared electric car?

1. Go to address app.planbil.com
2. Register with a code ”Kuopas”. To use the car and attach your tenancy agreement with Kuopas. The ability to attach a file comes only after you have filled in the campaign code “Kuopas”.
3. You can unlock and lock the car from app.planbil.com
4. You will get access to the car after your information has been cleared. Access rights are handled during work days 9-17.
5. Please read the instructions, rules and terms of contract from app.planbil.com

Read these instructions, they are also inside the car:

Instructions for the service and basic rules: Quick start guide
Basic guide for the use of the electric car: Planbil’s guide

Locations of shared electric cars