Applying tips

New student! Read here for tips on apartment search:

You can apply for housing as soon as you have received the official Letter of Acceptance from the University of Eastern Finland / Savonia UAS but no sooner than six months before your arrival in Kuopio.

In July, the application process is at its hottest. In August and September, many new students move to Kuopio, which means that we cannot offer studio apartments to everyone.

See below for the most important things to consider when looking for an apartment:

  • Apartment offer will be sent to you closer to your date of need for an apartment. We get the information about the most popular available rooms one month ahead. If you are applying for a room on autumn semester, you will get proposal for tenancy agreement at latest in the beginning of July. In the summer the offer may come in a shorter notice time.
  • Kuopas has no queues. In accordance with ARA rules, the urgency of your need for an apartment and the amount of your monthly steady income during your studies both have an effect to your waiting time for Kuopas’ apartment.
  • Usually in spring and early summer, there are still shared apartments and possibly also studios available. If you have already accepted a place at university/Savonia in the spring or early summer, it is advisable to accept the offer immediately.
  • Finnish applicants get their school selection results by the beginning of June and the remaining results by the beginning of July at the latest. Studio apartments and shared apartments in the most popular areas are often offered quickly during July. Shared apartments may also be almost gone by the end of August. So it’s a good idea to apply quickly!
  • If you have already submitted an application but have not received an offer, you should expand your search. The locations selected for your application may not be available and we may not be able to send you an offer. The more areas and types of housing you have selected for your application, the better your chances of receiving an apartment offer. If you want to edit your application, please submit a new application. You can only have one application valid at a time.
  • You can also make a general application without actually selecting an area. You can make a general application by selecting only the type of housing (e.g. studio apartments) for your application. Especially in autumn and when applying for studios, you should select the type of apartments in the Apartments section. If you only select an apartment to be available, you are only applying for this one apartment.
  • The apartment search will show the apartments that are available. However, especially in summer and early autumn, studios that are becoming available are offered immediately to the next applicant and are unlikely to be available. So please always apply for all studio apartments by selecting all types of studio apartments in an area or in a certain address.
  • You can apply for a shared apartment with a friend. Both applicants should then make their own application and write each other’s names in the last field of the application. We can offer a room if a whole shared apartment is available. You can also apply for family accommodation with a friend.


Are you planning to change your apartment?

If you have already started your studies and are planning to apply for an apartment in Kuopas, please note the following:

New students move to Kuopio in the autumn, which means that there are not many apartments available. If you plan to apply for an apartment during this year, we recommend that you apply and accept an offer in spring or early summer at the latest. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the year for the apartments to become available.

Finnish applicants get their school selection results by the beginning of June and the remaining results by the beginning of July at the latest. New students will send in their applications around this time, which may delay the availability of accommodation for students who have already started their studies. The highest number of housing vacancies occurs in the spring (and at the end of the year) when students finish their studies, which is the best time to change accommodation.


More information from our guides

During the busiest periods, especially in July, our customer service is very busy. We will do our best to respond to your enquiries. You will find answers to almost all your questions in the links below:

  • Applying Quick Guide – how and when to send in your application, and how the application process works.
  • Apartment types and rents – what kind of apartments Kuopas has and what does the rent include.
  • Apartment search – browse all housing in Kuopas. Note! Studios that appear available/soon-to-be available are often offered to the next person on the same day, so if you are looking for a studio, we recommend that you submit a general search for studio apartments.
  • Apartment gallery – pictures of our tenants’ furnished apartments.

Congratulations on starting your studies and welcome home to Kuopas!